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Networking on radio link

ATET through the targeted use of best available technologies on the market, ATET provides "turnkey" radio link network solutions throughout the country that allow: 

Flexibility in installations;

Technical and design expertise;

MIRFA compliant solutions tailored to customer needs. 


Knowledge of transmission techniques and systems, provides ATET with the right mix of experience and flexibility that make up the global value-added offer ATET is able to propose, in microwave systems, both for access networks and for transport networks. 

The Aviat Networks "Eclipse" platform guarantees the development of backbone networks in SDH networks Access PDH and / or Super PDH and full IP up to 800 Mb/s bandwidth delivered with a single frequency, while the LAND Link 4 system allows all functional architectures in the MIRFA standard at 4 GHz band.

The WTM 6000 technology enables the development of transport backbone trunking with up to 4 G / Bit by Hybrid interfaces Ethernet / IP and / or TDM/STM-1/STM-4 in 4 to 13 GHz ITU-R bands, while the product WTM 3000 is fully outdoor "all in one" for the development of packed radio network links with modulation at 1024 QAM.

ELEMIS is the management platform developed in Italy, which enables the management, provisioning of radio circuits and monitoring of all devices that make up the solution proposed by ATET, a solution that is open to all SNMP manageable devices.


Download the complete brochure NETWORKING RADIO FOR BACKHAUL (pdf)

Download the complete brochure ACCESS NETWORKING MIRFA LAND-Link 4 (pdf)


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