Torino: via G. da Verrazzano, 42 - 10129 TORINO

Milano: via Fucini, 4 - 20092 Cinisello Balsamo MILANO

Roma: via Aurelia, 480 - 00165 ROMA

Catanzaro: via Acri, 16/A - 88100 CATANZARO

P.IVA IT 02557620016


Since 1960, ATET provides solutions in the field of vastly high tech and high miniaturisation electronic devices which are intended mainly for military and surveillance applications.

Thanks to our long experience, we are able to provide to the customers:

  • A full range of digital and coded audio/video miniature transmitters (mono/stereo), characterized by very low consumptions and small-sized dimensions
  • Transmission systems on telephone line or wireless with possibility of remote control
  • Wireless digital video systems
  • Audio transmission on ethernet lines with possibility of remote control from PC
  • Last evolutions of radiolocalisation systems with possibilities of remote control

The exceptionally high degree on our design feature coupled with the use of superior quality materials is a condition that features in all our systems, awarding our customers with the reliability able to meet specific operating requirements. Nowadays ATET market is mainly oriented abroad.



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